Friday, August 30, 2013

CNE soggy TFC 1 NE Revs 1

What am I doing here? It is the Friday night of the last long weekend of the summer and I am sitting in the rain watching the carnival lights beyond the soccer stadium. 
This puzzled state of mind is only enhanced when within the first minutes of the game Toronto allows New England to score. If this is going to be the football on offer, I will be in the Food Building by half-time.

To TFC's credit, they managed to calm the waters, shut the door and New England never looked as potent again all night.

Toronto wasted many a free kick and cross, but managed to score a goal from a goal mouth scramble to head into half-time with the score tied.

I was better off at the game than at the Food Building. Later I learned to avoid the Roast Beef on Weck. The picture looked great, the product was beef slices thrown onto a hamburger bun. I should sue and defend the reputation of a Buffalo delicacy.

Being of baby boomer vintage, I am able to remember when the CNE was a big deal in this province. It is looking more than a little shabby, to the point where I think the added value of CNE entrance is possibly the smallest value of the season. That is a harsh evaluation when you consider the gloom and suffering that TFC 2013 has been.

Back to the game. There were glimmers of creative play and a sense that they are becoming a team more aware of each other. Convey had a good game, it was fun watching Henry manhandle Revs, Laba was missed, Caldwell showed some bursts of surprising speed and skill on the ball and Weiderman scored the goal.

New England played the game in a state of constant whine. They were at the ref on every call. I do find them a team hard to like.

Now there was a twist in the tale, late in the game. Rather than the old goal against, TFC scored one from a corner, but had it disallowed. It must have been a foul called off the ball. I did not see it. 

So it ended a draw, grabbed from the jaws of victory. Next home game is Montreal on September 11. 

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