Sunday, August 4, 2013

TFC wins! TFC wins! NE Revs 0 TFC 1

As the ol' blues song goes "been down so long, it looks like up to me". You accept winning ugly more readily when your TFC has suffered so many times in games of this ilk. The comeback against Columbus last weekend started something. Protecting a lead in New England was a more important challenge to my mind, considering the shape of season 2013. It is nice to grab a victory out of the blue, but holding a game you have the lead in was the test. TFC passed it tonight.

It looked like a total team effort from what was onscreen. Caldwell and Henry seemed to handle the Revs, despite the whining and complaining and general dramatics of their players. Ecks was strong. Morgan seemed to respond well to his starting opportunity with a new international LB on the roster, Lambe not so much.
Brockie and Wiedeman are not the striker partnership of the ages, but they were active enough.

Laba. What can you say about Laba? He is looking more and more comfortable with the team, on the ball, tracking and tackling. Now he has a game winning goal to add to his TFC exploits.

I will not be attending the Roma game, but will watch it on the television. See you soon...

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