Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crew v TFC preview - when scoring is scarce, defend, defend and destroy

I am a touch unsettled about the game on television this evening. This season's TFC television watching has been both heaven and hell. Heaven in Seattle and hell in Salt Lake City last Saturday. I keep a small space open for good vibes, but here is the quick list that has me leaning towards concern.
- a handful of injuries (Defoe, Osorio, Henry, Morgan)
- Caldwell suspended (but Jackson back from suspension)
- Columbus has a history of owning TFC
- brave TFC fans are making the trek to the capitol of Ohio
- there is a bleak, cloudy and cold sky today

I am not comfortable with the suggestions that TFC will play a 4-4-2 formation. I believe that your players determine your formation, not the other way around. For all of his determination, I just don't see DeRo as a replacement for Defoe. I think that a 4-5-1 is called for from the present roster. Gilberto as the sole striker and a host of midfielders. Bradley with the combo of Bekker, Hall, Jackson and Rey with Orr, DeRo or Nakajima-Farran off the bench. I think it is too early to do anything but experiment with the midfield. I think that Rey has skills, his touches, twists and turns with the ball at his feet seems to indicate that he is better in traffic than as a pure winger.
I don't fondly recall those 2012 Winter days when our Dutch leader was convinced that a 4-3-3 was the formation no matter what players we had. If I had a dollar for every time Plata had the ball out wide, isolated and swarmed by multiple defenders....
So I am cynical. Let TFC play attacking football at home and destructive football on the road. RSL scoring 3 should be considered an affront to decency. It might be brutal to be calling for a bunker effort so early in the season, but a point gained away to the Crew would make my Saturday night.

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