Sunday, April 13, 2014

Art vanishes, dullness returns, Gilberto needs lesson on failed DPs of Toronto TFC 0 Colorado 1

I am totally pissed at the lack of effort, the lack of creativity and the lack of tactical diversity displayed by Toronto FC (circa 2013?2012? etc) yesterday at the National Soccer Stadium.

I can't promise a coherent blog today.  I was felled by the flu late on Thursday and was still suffering when I decided to drag myself to the game Saturday afternoon. I don't think I have ever used my blog platform to salute my wife. She is beautiful, loyal, supportive and wonderful. A lesser person, a lesser fan would have found a way to have somebody else take our tickets for the afternoon. She got me there and got me through.

For the long time fan, the loyal supporter since day one, perhaps the hardest thing about losing to Colorado was losing to a team that included Edson Buddle, Nick Labrocca and Nathan Sturgis - all past Toronto FC players. It could have been worse, we were spared goals by Marvell Wynne.

I am not willing to watch Gilberto struggle anymore. I know it is a knee jerk reaction, but it has been building for a few games now.  I don't think that Gilberto has the muscle or the skill to make it in the MLS. I am predicting that if they stick with him as a starting striker he will go months before he scores. I will go even further and claim that when he scores it will be meaningless, an extra goal in a blowout or a consolation goal in a thumping loss. I think that he plays like a fancy boy, looks for the foul in critical situations instead of making the play that will create the goal. If Bright Dike was healthy I am convinced that he would be the striker partner for  Jermaine Defoe. Sorry to be Mr. Hindsight, but I am firmly in the rather have Laba than Gilberto camp right now. Gilberto, to my eyes, plays like a man with nothing to prove and little to offer. With Bradley and Defoe out of the line-up, it was Gilberto's time to prove something. I think it would have been worthwhile to pull in the translator at half time and tell Gilberto he needed to score in the next 35 minutes or he will be subbed.
I say bench him. Limit his minutes and make him earn his spot. His success in Toronto hangs in the balance.Toronto FC need a physical presence up front- why not use Hagglund, Agbossomounde or Richter as a crash and bash force up front?

The field conditions continue to be terrible. However it seems that Colorado were able to play a game far more suited to it than the home team. Too often TFC was trying to make the sweet short passes that were destined to hit a bump or a crater. Fire from distance should have been the home team motto.

I was aware that the Toronto FC midfield would be under the microscope - missing Bradley, Rey and Osorio. I am encouraged with the progress that Bekker continues to make, he hit the post with a shot that was a half centimetre away from making him the hero of the day. The knock on Bekker has been in the past that he is good on the ball, but disinterested when trying to win it back. I saw none of that Saturday.
 Jeremy Hall seemed to be lost at sea when Colorado scrambled around and scored, but for the most part Hall covers ground well, positions himself well and is a fine bench strength midfielder. We just can't expect offensive creation or wonderful passing from him. I thought that the Colorado ref took Nakajima-Farran out of the game early. I think that the Denver Broncos' linebackers would have been kinder and gentler to Issey Nakajima-Farran. The ref let Colorado get away with out and out bodychecks. This was particularly bad reffing. Late in the game Issey was being talked to by the ref and Colorado was in an uproar over the slightest contact that caused the Rapid do go down like he had been knifed. I thought Issey contributed despite these obstacles.
Jackson had a letdown game after his supreme effort in Columbus.

I will rest now, drink plenty of fluids and join you when healthy...

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Redcoe15 said...

Benching Gilberto would be a good idea, if it wern't for the fact that he's a DP and they need him out on the pitch in order to justify paying him his salary. This team needs both Bradley and Defore in the starting lineup if Toronto FC hopes to have any success.