Saturday, April 19, 2014

Should have taken a point Dallas 2 Toronto 1

I see the progress. A year ago TFC would have points slip through their fingers at home. Now it happens on the road. Still frustrating, if Dallas is such a good team, why does TFC with a depleted roster look more than their equals?

I have always shied away from analysis of games on the road because I know that television can be deceptive. You lose a sense of formations or how players are performing off the ball. Listening to Dan Dunleavy for any length of time and you lose your marbles.

So I will limit myself to a tote bag of dubious observations...

That ref should be put into a van and taken to a rehab facility tonight. What was he on?
The push on Gilberto in the box. The double yellow when Jackson and the Dallas player went down after the desperate challenge.

Issey Nakajima Farran continues to shine. I like his persistence and his hustle. Scoring his second goal in his third game was fantastic. I think that the yellow card in the second half took him out of the game. Neither Bekker nor Osorio were terrible, but they looked off their games.

Jackson has an uncanny ability to cover ground quickly. You think he is out of the play and zoom he recovers. Just needs to hone the passing and the shooting.

That was not the Bradley we have come to cherish and admire.

Gilberto did nothing to change my continued sour opinion.

Morrow and Bloom were both star performers. I was also about to say more about Caldwell and Orr but that last goal was too crushing.

Two weeks of rest and recuperation ahead. See you in May.

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