Sunday, May 18, 2014

Scrappy win and midfield mess - Toronto FC 2 NYRB 0

It was a game with a TFC pleasing,lightning start and a score settling finish. In between these two peaks was worry, tension, strong defending, missed opportunities and one messy midfield.

The midfield remains under the microscope. Nakajima-Farran is gone but not forgotten. Michael Bradley is with his World Cup USA squad. The new guy from Montreal, Collen Warner has yet to take the field. Bradley Orr provided a brilliant pass to Defoe that create the first goal, but I have a hard time remembering any more offensive production from Orr for the rest of the day
Let's pretend that Warner turns out to be the undiscovered gem of holding midfielders and sits and sweeps and tackles and tidies up and sends our midfield into glorious attack. Without Bradley for the next  4 MLS games and 2 Canadian Championship games, who in the midfield looks poised for glory? Osorio is struggling, Rey is puzzling, Bekker's passing and dribbling never seem to be probing and Jackson has concussion problems. I suspect we face more than a month of muddled, messy midfield.
It was a brighter story up front. Jermaine Defoe's goal was a rocket of a shot. Although I missed the foul that put him to the ground when Bloom tried to send him away later in the second half, it was clear that New York was getting physical with Defoe. I thought his frustration was justified and the playacting of New York was horrible. Luke Moore seemed to be a solid partner for Defoe, I look forward to more of Moore. Gilberto remains scoreless. There are those who say that his skills make him worth supporting and that he will turn it around and start scoring. It is less a personal analysis, rather a hallowed Toronto tradition that mistakes and lakes go together that lead me to say Gilberto is Pablo Vitti returned. Some say we gave up too early on him too.

Joe Bendik was fine, New York Red Bulls never worried him too much. The closest was when somebody collided with Bendik and Wright-Phillips missed the open net. However there still is the problem of Bendik's distribution. Every goal kick is a hard blast. Too many of them became New York possessions within seconds. There needs to be a variety of goal kick lengths and player alignments.
Away to Kansas City is a worry. Home to Montreal should be fun. See you by the lake.

A great day, great company and a great scarf!!

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