Thursday, May 15, 2014

WhiteCaps 2 TFC 1 - tied on aggregate - TFC wins on penalties

     This pic was from the week before. Defoe did not play in Vancouver.

I did not expect this result. Toronto winning in Vancouver after taking the game to penalty kicks?  I felt that if Toronto was unable to pile up an early lead, the Whitecaps would have the home advantage as the game wore on.

However, the late scoring chances seemed to be TFC's. Bendik was a monster in the extra 30 minutes and the WhiteCaps seemed to fade.

Just some jumbled observations.

Luke Moore, playing in his first game for Toronto, looked ok. He was not earth shattering on his own, but I would like to see him paired with Defoe on Saturday to better evaluate him.

Gilberto had two games to score against a 17 year old Canadian keeper. Vancouver has every right to see a bright future for young Marco Carducci. Toronto has every right to think that Gilberto will never score while wearing a TFC uniform and the earlier they end this experiment the better. The Nelsen strategy of playing him until he scores seems to have backfired.

Daniel Lovitz (a second half sub for Kyle Bekker) showed a lot of pace down the wings and was moving the ball into great spaces. He had a shot late in the extra time that forced the Carducci save of the night. Hope they play him on Saturday.
There were times late in the game when you looked at Toronto's players - saw Moore, DeRo, Lovitz, Bradley, Hagglund, Orr, Nakajima-Farran and Osorio- and wondered if they were all on a first name basis yet. Despite that they seemed to be working it out on the fly.

The lapses of Doneil Henry continue to be a worry. It may have been a borderline call, but Henry should not be throwing himself into such challenges when instead he needs to smother.

It was nice to see some playing time for Ashtone Morgan, but he did not play well enough to look like he has won a starting role again.

After watching Montreal back into the finals (Edmonton had them on the ropes) I think the momentum has to be with Toronto. The first leg in Toronto helps, but we can count on strange things happening in Montreal.

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