Saturday, May 3, 2014

Perpetual patience testing underway TFC 1 Revolts 2

Pre-game infestation

"Why can't we be great?" - Tim Leiweke January 2014

TFC need a sports psychologist, from the biggest honcho to the ball retrievers.

They need an intervention.

They need a solid kick in the pants.

Do they not understand that this team has suffered for years under a cloud of despair? That 2014 was the time when a long standing forecast of bad mojo rising was to be overturned? That the wheel of  TFC karma (will have to check to see if karma has a wheel) was to be sent in a new direction and those fans who have cared and suffered were to be rewarded with joy and jubilation? Instead we are treated to an afternoon of same old, same old, same old and same old.

I am defrosting my extremities, but parts of me have been steaming for hours now. This is what the team looks like after a two week rest and a return from injury of a flotilla of players? Just not good enough. Weak passing, no coordination in the midfield and a woefully manhandled pair of strikers.

We just sat through cold, miserable rain and plagues of insects to watch TFC insipid do it again.
TFC is supposed to be the multi-million overspending team. We know that the New England is the no-name squad,  burdened with the cheapskate owner and never respected in their hometown sports universe. The Foxboro Afterthoughts. They just owned our field, had the ref eating out of their hands and waltzed away with 3 points.

The home record is now 2 losses (both against teams who had never won in Toronto before) and a squeaky one goal victory way back in March against DC. Vancouver must be thrilled to be in town this week. What a time to push Toronto out of the Voyageurs Cup.

Bench Gilberto. He needs to be brought along slowly, learn the league, watch the defending schemes. Leave him out there game after game to be the scoreless wonder and he will be moved during the summer transfer window. Toronto needs a hulking brute up front to balance out Defoe.

Trade tomorrow for an attacking midfielder. I am unconvinced that Osorio is a winger (and I hope he is ok, he seemed in pain at the end of the game). Bekker and Bradley just could not make it happen.

Jackson picked an awful time to have a poor game, scoring the deflection goal did not balance out the persistent give-aways for the rest of the game.

I would go into the crap ref crew, but that would only push my tiny cranium into overload.

Are you looking forward to Wednesday night versus Vancouver? Do you think that Carl Robinson and young Laba will make us cry???

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