Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No pop, no bite, no style, no grace, no hope, no bench, no coach, no goals - NYCFC 2 TFC 0

"If future seasons involve increasing games vs TFC, we can play to 50"

TFC just look terrible in Yankee Stadium tonight (mostly in the attacking third). You felt that Altidore and Osorio would never score again this season based on their sloppy play in NYC. Bradley was all wild effort and NYCFC muscle Giovinco again and again.
I thought that last home game Bradley was missing Cheyrou. Cheyrou was back tonight, but it seemed to make no difference. Defending and goal keeping are ok. TFC takes care of business in their own end most of the time. The problem is that the attack does not deliver and that is what they get the big bucks for...
What was the point of putting Gomez and Moore on late in the game? No attacking spark was provided. Was Perquis put out as a late sub to take down a few numbers and crunch a few toes? Will Kantari get into trouble for that smack to the face (of Angelino?)?

I might take the view in the morning that NYCFC have become Toronto's bogey team. The team we just can't beat.

More likely that I will still be stunned that a new expansion team (with a trio of old stars, Villa did not play tonight) has beaten TFC twice and drew them once.

It is hard to be optimistic about playoff spots when you can't imagine winning against anyone. I can imagine that the teams out of the playoff picture see the faltering TFC as vacating a playoff spot to them. A three game losing streak was not what September was supposed to bring.

Tim B. and Vanney had better align their "must win game" comments for Saturday. If the hopeless streak hits 4 - look out.

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