Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wondering if lacklustre is a harsh enough term for this sad display? TFC 1 New England Revolution 3

Photo by Evy - from Toronto FC fans Facebook page

TFC managed to match the crappy September weather with a low pressure display against New England.
How could New England make the most of a handful of scoring opportunities while Toronto blustered and blew? It was an afternoon of watching TFC squander scoring chances. They just don't look like a team on the rise (or a team on the steady).
Could they be suffering from a lack of urgency or too much of the stuff?
It is also becoming clear that subs off the bench add zero, TFC never has another gear.
Toronto looked second best all day long.
That was a big game against a New England team only three points ahead of TFC in the standings. Remember all those home games in September and October that were going to help the playoff push?
Today was game 1 of that season end home game bonanza. Forgive me for the rainy day gloom, but today did not look like a home stretch bonanza to me.

A bounce back from this solid loss is possible. They could win the next three and end September on a high. Perhaps we should remind ourselves that New England is very capable of finishing in a top two spot and dust ourselves off. Sleep calls - more tomorrow

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