Monday, September 21, 2015

Rapid return to pop and bite, can it continue? TFC 3 Colorado 1

A blur at the far end, Perquis just after scoring
First off, apologies for this days later post concerning the Saturday game. I am one of those older guys who still attends music festivals and this past weekend was the third TURF festival at Fort York - Garrison Commons. TFC game started at 2pm - Lucinda Williams on stage at 4:10, I had to be in two places at once. Due to weather concerns I did not have my tablet with me and therefore did not share my TFC thoughts while grooving to tunes.

I am going to be one of those guys - when their team loses it is due to deep flaws on HIS team. When their team wins it is due to deep flaws on the opposing team. The Colorado Rapids looked awful in the first half on Saturday. The first Seba Giovinco goal was the perfect example. He picks up the ball near the midfield stripe and no Rapid is tracking back or defender moves to close him down. This continues as Giovinco strides forward. He actually had the time and space to slow down, look around and consider his options as he approached the box.  Just what were the Rapids thinking? Give the Atomic Ant enough time and space and he will score. Same with goal two. It was nice to see Damien Perquis score his first (non-own) goal of the season. I do think he gets too much criticism. Sure, he is on the hook for some defending mistakes. That is the price you pay for plying your trade in the heart of the battlefield.
So, we fans have to be ultra pleased / relieved with the win. Continuing the losing streak could have been a disaster of playoff struggle, coach questions and player turmoil.
I don't yet trust TFC 2015 to claim that the Colorado victory will act as a springboard for the weeks ahead. I am concerned with the next two games- home against Chicago and Philly. Two victories are required for any shot at hosting the knockout playoff game. They have to be foot to the floor style wins to gather that season end momentum. The Red Bull game on Oct. 14th could be the toughest test of the year. The Columbus Crew game that follows it will be a proto-playoff game. I just don't want to be in the spot of TFC needing some points from the season ender in Montreal.

I had tried to justify the loss to New England by thinking that the Revs and the Red Bulls were rising to the top two spots in the East and were just too tough for Toronto. Then, this weekend, Montreal beat New England 3-0. Sure, it is the Drogba effect and Montreal have a tough schedule ahead of them. Still they worry me.

Until the next game, keep the grey and red flying...

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