Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dig a hole and bury it - NYRB 3 #TFC 0

I want to both throw away the first half of the game in Red Bull Arena last night and learn from it.

Throw it away because it was not a huge shock that TFC, without Bradley (USMNT friendly), Altidore (hamstring injury) and then Giovinco going off injured, would be a weakened team.
TFC has a problem scoring goals even when they have their 3 designated players in the line up.

Throw it away because Bradley Wright-Phillips is a capable scorer on a hot streak. I am willing to bet my hat that BWP will not score when TFC play NYRB next in late September. It was his night, or more precisely, his first half.

Learn from it and look at it as a sobering lesson in Canadian content. At one point TFC had Hamilton, Babouli, Chapman, Osorio, Johnson and Morgan on the pitch. 6 Canadians and none of them in the traditional defenders and keeper spot in the line-up. Against 10 man NYRB for an entire half TFC was incapable of scoring a goal. I am inclined towards saying that the lesson learned is that our Canadian contingent is a big reason we don't have the depth to handle injuries and international departures. The summer transfer window has to be the time for some important player moves.

Learn from it . Will Johnson deserves full credit for effort, and he was clearly tortured by a ref decision on that penalty kick. What was the ref thinking? the first and greatest infringement on the penalty was a NYRB player. Using the logic of his call what would be the incentive for a defender to not jump into the box and mess with the penalty kick taker? However Johnson/Osorio did not have a great night. Perhaps Cheyrou needs to get back. It will be interesting to see who starts v Montreal Wednesday night.

One TFC win and one TFC loss here in 2016. Goal difference -1 

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