Sunday, May 22, 2016

#TFC Out of Whack TFC 0 Crew 0

There was a detectable lack of whack yesterday at BMO Field.

I suppose that I should be content with TFC correcting the goals against problem of last weekend against Vancouver. In the two games since allowing 4 Whitecap goals, TFC have allowed only one goal. There is every indication that this trend will continue. Clint Irwin looks solid in net. Coach Vanney's starting line-up could be described as 5 in the back. Sure, Morrow and Beitashour were  more midfield than defender in their "wingback" positions, but Michael Bradley enhances the defensive mode by playing well back. He shields the back line and provides the link to drive the ball forward. That sounds better than it actually functions. The TFC attack tends to be holding the ball without much purpose or fruitless long passes.

Defending your way to nil-nil draws might be a way to negate a powerful opponent, but Columbus came to town struggling and off to a poor start this season. It should have been a chance for TFC to shine. Instead we were treated to dull and out of whack. Giovinco did not have his standard dazzling sort of day. Will Johnson and Justin Morrow were both struggling. If I am reading the stat sheet correctly, TFC took 8 shots and two of them were considered on target. Both of these shots were taken by Seba Giovinco. Somehow this meant the "Man of the Match" award went Mo Babouli. I want TFC to nourish and promote young Canadian talent as much as the next guy, but Osorio, Chapman and Babouli were neither creating much on their own or combining well with others. I should say that Babouli played more centrally than when TFC met NYCFC, but Chapman was not any more effective with the shift that should have freed him. Tsubasa Endoh came on for the entire second half and simply vanished. Well, I could see him, but I don't think Michael Bradley did.

When you find yourself walking away from the last game of a home stand relieved that May contains no more home games, something is wrong. Very wrong.

This team needs some whack.

Dullsville during a whack shortage

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