Saturday, March 4, 2017

On the brink of a new season and in the shadows of mountains

I'm in Utah!
driving north on Interstate 15,  for hours...

Tomorrow is the first game of Toronto FC's 2017 season and as usual Toronto begins the year with road games. Game 1 vs Real Salt Lake Saturday March 4th at 14:30 Mountain Standard time.
We have tickets and will be in the stands. The East Stands upper deck. Probably not on camera during the broadcast, but what else in new?

This was not part of some master plan. My wonderful wife and I have long been fans of the American Southwest and left Ontario in December to spend our first snowbird winter in Arizona and California.

Then the MLS schedule is released and that TFC season opener in Sandy, Utah looks attainable. We knew that we would be in Tucson, Arizona for the final days of February, so the March 4th date worked. Arizona is the next state south of Utah, so just hop over and see our TFC in action.

Back east, the state next door is a skip and a jump. The western "state onto the next state" drive, the leaving of Tucson on one morning - the Flagstaff to Salt Lake City the following is a scenic wonder (and a butt numbing marathon). Worry not, scenic fans, we took a break day and peeked at the Grand Canyon on our day off of the northern drift.

So here we sit in our hotel the night before Game 1 2017. 
Stay tuned. Will I change overnight from a travel geek and back into a TFC fan deluxe? As I said, stay tuned.

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