Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Esky traded ??

There is a lot of talk that Alecko Eskandarian has been traded to Real Salt Lake.
The only media site reporting it as a rumour right now is Steven Goff, the Soccer Insider at Washington Post. However a few message boards are saying that confirmation is on Esky's Facebook site.

I won't comment further until it becomes official.

ps - Now Steven Goff has it as confirmed by Esky himself ..


But still no confirmation or information on what was given in return...

Still Kicking

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hugh lawrie said...

Ok, I see that Radzinski has been let go by Fulham. On the fulhamfc website he seemed pretty happy, even though it appears as though he was forced out. Is this because he has the option of TFC in his back pocket? I don't think he's likely to catch on with any other premiership team even though he has the quality. He'd look awful good in the lineup, and Mo was trying out a "European" striker according to the Star the other week.