Saturday, May 12, 2007

Toronto FC 3 Chicago Fire 1

For a day in May, the TFC red had all the dazzle of an autumn display.
My heart is red with TFC pride in honour of the first ever victory….
I suspected that it would be worth the wait, that the goal drought would end with a flood. (biblical, you know). They played with heart and head and skills galore.
I will leave it to my fellow bloggers to give their intelligent ratings on the players today. I would give most a rating of 11,
Maurice Edu and Carl Robinson would get 12s
Ronnie O’Brien would get a rating of a billion and a half. He made that game winning goal with his run down the right side.
And I would even give Edson Buddle a passing mark –mostly because of that nice 2nd half back heel.

I am also red as a steamed lobster with indignation at the beloved Danny Dichio being red carded for (gasp) trying to make a play for the ball in the air. He might have had his arm up a little, but to kick and push and cause a scuffle was a foolish overreaction by the Chicago keeper. The teams did manage to put a lid on the fireworks and get on with the game, but that keeper should have been gone, the Chicago player who was red carded seemed a peacemaker to me.

Danny Dichio will get a hat trick on July 29th when the Fire visit Toronto next. You heard it here first.

A few final observations.
I hate that song- you know the goodbye song from the sixties, by that famous band Spiral Staircase. If that is the level of wit that you can muster in the form of song- keep your lips together.
I hate fools who run on the field at game end and act as if dodging security is somehow the equivalent of playing an excellent game of football. The team is saluting the fans and the fans are saluting right back. If you lack the sense or sobriety to salute the team and thank them for a super day of entertainment, either go home or lie down and sleep it off.

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arsenalist said...

The ref totally blew the red card situation. I think he could've easily cooled the players off with just a warning and a talk. The moment, the fans and the players got to him too easily. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come with Dichio. He's already got the "hard-nosed player" label and if refs can't handle that properly, he'll be seeing a lot more suspension.