Saturday, May 26, 2007

playing the Crew on a Saturday night

Tonight I tried to blog live along with the game
MINUTE 2 Oh my God....a Columbus goal from Andy Herron
I was going to write about my fond memories of hearing the home announcers in both New England and Kansas City earlier this season when Marvell Wynne was beaten too easily. What is the story on the tent behind the Crew goal, it makes it look like the circus is in town and using their parking lot.
MINUTE 17 A smart cross from Cunningham on the diagonal and Pozniak has a shot in a great spot and forces the Crew keeper to make a good save. TFC are starting to look like they are snapping out of the early game shock.
MINUTE 27 Danny Dichio, he has the first home goal and now has the first road goal!! That was a shot out of the blue, a first touch to be proud of. Nigel and Craig are already dreaming of what the Dichio and Cunningham combination up front could bring. This changes everything, just not used to a change of fortune in road games.
MINUTE 36 Crew scores - Andy Herron gets another. TFC were not able to clear the ball down the left and Columbus took advantage of sloppy play at the back.
Wow that set up for Cunningham from Dichio was smooth. I believe that we TFC watchers are learning how critical Carl Robinson is for the control of the midfield by his absence..
Andy Welsh is a player that I cheer for and see so much potential in. Yet he is driving me crazy with his indecisive play on the ball. I am fighting the urge to moan everytime he has it.
Time for a cold one..
MINUTE 48 What a cracker from Jim Brennan, he scores from a free kick quite a distance out - Crew 2- TFC 2
Dichio puts Cunningham into the clear. He goes for the far post and just misses. There is a lethal sense to the attack of DIchio/Cunningham.
Minute 70 something Time for a substitution I would say. Reda looks tired but do we have another central defender...
Cunningham keeps coming up with chances.
But then how could he not put that one away !!
The game just seems to hang in the balance.
Minute 86 Cunningham says goodnight and Buddle comes in. Jeff Cunningham certainly sparkled in the attack tonight. If this is what he brings, you can see why Mo made the deal this week.
A point on the road, 2 goals on the road. A good night, a good effort and a sign of things to come.


arsenalist said...

Did you notice O'Brien turn his back on the second goal?

stillkicking said...

Yes I did, but watching on TV remember the camera angle is so subjective.. remember that play started with TFC looking like they had control and were moving it forward down the left from the back. Then Edu was dispossessed and the Crew counter attack had us scrambling. O'Brien was playing in the area of the central defender, so he was covering for someone (Reda ?). I guess my theory on this is most of the time a defensive breakdown is like watching dominoes fall, you can't blame only one of them for losing their balance..

arsenalist said...

I agree, a defensive breakdown is often more than one persons fault but turning your back on a shot and not attempt to block it is unacceptable.