Saturday, March 2, 2013

A solid start - Vancouver Whitecaps 1 TFC 0

Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement, but TFC 2013 did many things right on the road in Vancouver today. The first half was controlled by Toronto, if smothering the other side but having little firepower yourself can be called control.
The second half had the Whitecaps put Reo Coker into the game and their energy went up. TFC still held it together in the back and it was a moment of skill that saw the home team score their goal.
TFC did not wilt and showed some fire right up until the final whistle.

My first thought, when I saw a midfield pairing of Hall and Dunfield, was that TFC was going to be trampled with speed and skill down the middle. I was surprised at how well Hall and Dunfield  stayed in position, defended well and had a little offensive contribution. However when Vancouver started to tear TFC open it was usually at the expense of Hall. I am not sure of this as a long term solution, having Bekker, Hall and Dunfield in the middle of the pitch seemed to mean no true offensive fizzle. They all wanted to make the safe pass to nowhere rather than thread the needle to Earnshaw. Perhaps a healthy Silva and Bekker become the midfield pair with a DP to be named later in the attacking midfielder role.

Bendik looked like a veteran in net. Califf and O Dea  played like old friends in the back. Morgan and Eckersley covered well considering the speedsters that were coming at them.

Earnshaw and Hogan survived their first MLS games. You hope they have more to show as they settle in.

Lambe is going to have to contribute more if he wants his spot on the roster. I recall a good second half run that drew a foul, but overall a lack of offensive contributions.

A point would have been nice, but undeserved considering the lack of TFC scoring chances. Hope for a good performance in the home opener no longer seems like crazy talk.

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