Monday, March 18, 2013

Lower Canada 2 Upper Canada 1 - Last of the indoor games

I made a promise to myself for season 2013. I told myself I would be a better blogger (and therefore a better fan).

Yet here we are dealing with game three of the season and the promise is already on shaky ground. Days have passed and still no game report on Mistako by Lako? Is this the way to operate a fan’s blog? This humble contribution to the TFC online world needs to buck up at this rate. Season 2013 has barely begun and I am faltering. Deep breath must be taken, to be followed by feeble apology and woeful analysis.

I chose not to go to Montreal to see TFC take on the great foe of the St. Lawrence. There was a tiny element of team analysis behind the decision. There are nice parts to the team so far, but everyone knows it is a work in progress.
The biggest reason that I stayed in Ontario this past weekend was that I had been invited to stay and ski at Craigleith.  O’ the shame of it all. I may have been drinking wine when the game was in progress. I did not ask for a tv (but I did follow it on twitter). Bad blogger, bad fan I may have muttered to myself.

I watched the game off of the pvr Monday night and I came away assured that progress can be easily detected. TFC was better in the second half than had been described and Montreal was not as good in the first half as feared.

I think that the TFC’s defending looks solid. There is a possibility that Darel Russell, who looked very strong when he came on in the second half, could displace Ashtone Morgan in the short term. A healthy Frei will have to get a chance to play, but Bendik has been excellent.

The midfield has been a mixture of questions.  Would Hall and Dunfield be the central pairing if Silva and Cesar were healthy? Hogan Ephraim appears to be doing his best, but somehow the withdrawn striker role seems to be a trial for him. When will we see him out on the wing again? There was talk in the broadcast of quoting Toronto leadership as saying four players are needed. Who are these guys and when are they arriving?

So TFC sits with a win and two losses, but a goal difference of -1.  Ahead is a bye weekend and at the end of the month the true home opener. LA at BMO Field. Be there.

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