Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dome sweet dome - TFC 2 Sporting KC 1

I think I entered the dome, like most Toronto fans, with limited expectations for the afternoon.
The game in Vancouver had revealed a TFC squad that seemed on the right track, it would be nice to see that look continue. Sporting KC was a tough opponent, it would also be nice to see TFC stay in the game for at least a half and avoid a blow out. Continued effort on the attack and quality attention to an organized defense would have made most of us happy. Baby steps would have been fine.

Instead, we were treated to new territory. A TFC that improved from the week before and took the game to KC was treat number one. Late in the game, a TFC that avoided their famous final 15 minute collapse of recent years, was treat number two. Treats all around with both significant individual contributions and a growing sense of team.
Joe Bendik has been a solid keeper and the back four have been playing as a coordinated, joyful unit. Did you see the group hug at the end of the game as Bendik, Ecks, O'Dea, Califf and Morgan celebrated as a team within the team? That kind of togetherness has been missing from TFC for years.
Earnshaw with two goals was the 1st half attacking star, with John Bostock a close second.

Things I did not expect to be writing early in March.

Ryan Nelsen and his TFC are undefeated at home.

TFC have more points in the second week of March 2013 than they did at the end of May 2012.

The solid start has come with no designated players on the roster and injuries keeping Frei, Silva and Cesar from even the bench.

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