Saturday, March 2, 2013

First kick 2013

Tis’ the evening when I will put on my TFC shirt, turn on the television and watch my team play their season opener in Vancouver. A brand new year, a brand new coach and general manager, a brand new team and pretty well a brand new everything. Supporting this team makes your head spin. When it is not bringing tears to your eyes.

More than looking forward to the 2013 season, I just might be looking forward to saying goodbye to the offseason. TFC’s nonplaying months might rival the months when they attempt to play the game, when entertainment is your measure. DeRo training with Celtic one winter springs to mind.

This winter was a classic. Begin with a town hall meeting with fans that proved to be a festival of hot air.  Paul Mariner is just back from a scouting trip. Paul Mariner was just a few unfortunate injuries away from leading Toronto to greatness. Paul Mariner was talking about a glorious future right up until he was shown the door. Do you get the feeling that I was not buying the story he was selling?

After that it was a winter of departures more than arrivals. Johnson and Kocic, Hassli and Frings would be the biggest names moving on. I am still thrilled that Aaron Maund was traded, he will always remind me of just how low TFC 2012 fell.

The new era of President Kevin Payne is still unfolding. I am firmly in the optimistic camp when it comes to the tandem of President Payne and his head coach Ryan Nelsen. Give them time. Sure our patience has worn paper-thin and we want success yesterday. Remember this, that if you want a phoenix to rise you have to put up with a certain amount of ashes.

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