Saturday, May 4, 2013

A moment of defending as rocky as the mountains Colorado 1 TFC 0

HBO rejects series based on TFC 2013 "far too predictable"

One of these days the reward for witnessing all these collapses is going to be incredible. I have said it before, I'll say it again. If TFC were scoring down the other end, these last gasp goals would be consolation goals. Silva could have/should have scored one and Earnshaw robbed himself a few times.
Bendik's goal kicks and Richter's throw ins were too powerful for their own good. Between missed goals and giving away possession on a regular basis, Colorado were given a gift tonight.

I did find the camera angles a little awkward and the cameras seemed too far away from the pitch to follow the game well. I wanted to see how Laba looked, but it was often hard to make out players. He had a few touches, but was hardly a blazing star in his debut.

Next game in San Jose late Wednesday night. Sometimes being a fan means submitting yourself to the predictable, because you would kick yourself if it turned out to be that game.

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