Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TFC puréed Montreal Impact 6 TFC 0

Please do not adjust your set.

I am not in the mood for much writing tonight. I can say that I watched the tv broadcast from beginning to end. Sometimes being a fan means suffering.
It is hard to find anything other than negatives in tonight's disaster of a performance. Perhaps it was better to have butts kicked now by Montreal rather than stumbling on into the Champion's League. Clearly TFC were not ready for prime time.

If the TFC leadership were hesitating about signing a player or two before the window closes on May 6, they should not be hesitating now. Wiedeman did not look capable of repeating his performance from last week. Bostock and Lambe are both struggling. I was concerned with defending lapses in the first half. Ashtone Morgan is too often unable to shut down wingers. Yet the midfield's problems holding the ball, not able to avoid giveaway passes are putting the back four in a bad spot too.
In the second half, once you had to chase the game and gamble, the Montreal goals on the counter-attack almost seemed inevitable. 

What a day. It was the wrong time for TFC to start playing like Barcelona.

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