Saturday, May 18, 2013

Winning requires scoring TFC 0 Crew 1

I am forlorn. I wanted Saturday to be the day when all of TFC's offensive potential fell into place. Instead TFC were barely pieced together. So I have thrown together a truncated report.


Bendik's distribution was much improved, throws were accurate and his long kicks seemed less like constant give-aways.

4 players, Caldwell, Brockie, Laba and Convey were playing in Toronto, for Toronto, for the first time.

There was no late game goal given up.


TFC's attack seems to be heading in the wrong direction. There seems to be far too much time with the TFC back four holding the ball and then sending it long to Earnshaw. It is predictable and reflects a lack of midfield options and attack.

Whether it was player nerves or eagerness I am not sure, but there was a lot of passes sent astray and   first touches that were horrible.

Some formation concerns. Why was Justin Braun playing out front in a wide left role in the first half? Convey for Braun made sense as a substitution at the half. Osorio came on for Jeremy Hall, but had little impact on the game. Then Jeremy Brockie came on for Reggie Lambe. His highlight was a leap at the ball and a header in the late going. He brought energy, we will see his contribution level for next time.

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