Saturday, May 25, 2013

Road trip blues or the May long slide NE Revs 2 TFC 0

Stopping the Revolution for 98% of the game
The game in New England tonight was the last TFC game in the month of May. They played five games, lost five times and managed to score one goal. Yes, there were two moments of shoddy defending tonight, but TFC simply can't put the ball in the net. There are times when I think the problem is effort and times when I think the lack of time together has to be the problem. However both of those aspects are overshadowed by a lack of offensive talent. 

The second half was a better performance for Toronto than the first. Osorio seemed to be a jolt of energy for the midfield and the attack. For most of the second half it was possible to dream that the energy and attempts to carry the play to New England was going to pay off. It was always a long shot and then New England ripped through 3 TFC defenders late in the game and put us out of our misery.
Yes, I am both a loyalist and an optimist. Maybe a trade could help. Perhaps a healthy Danny K and the return of Ecks, Russell or even Dunfield would help. The next game is a home game against Philly. See you then.

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