Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kevin Payne fired??

I am shocked by this news (should call it information - not yet confirmed). I suppose that your credentials as an observer of all things TFC would rely upon not being shocked by departures or changes or surprises. I did not see Kevin Payne being removed from running TFC after only months on the job.

He did some good things and he messed up a few times. I was determined to have faith in his leadership and that involved giving his coach time to grow into the job. I never met the man, but his media talks were interesting. He may not have seemed a jovial sort, but you wanted a "take charge" person in charge of pointing TFC in the right direction.

It is now very clear that Tim Leiweke is calling the shots. Correction, we knew who was calling the shots, did not know that he was ready to fire those shots.  I just don't know what that truly means and I don't have a spare bucket of faith sitting around right now. When I attended the town hall meeting in 2012 Paul Mariner was talking about the team for the next year. By the time I attend town hall 2013 Kevin Payne will have arrived and departed.

The turbulence, which when combined with losing are the only aspects of TFC culture that have been constant, continues ....

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Trout said...

Well said Mark. Just a few too many times overstating the truth for me. Still not sure if Ernshaw is on loan or permanent. Onward and upward I say. Well, onward anyway.