Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Sunshine TFC 4 DC United 1

So the penultimate TFC home game of the season brings us the battle of the bad, the tussle of the basement dwellers. It's TFC vs DC on a glorious Saturday afternoon.
We walked to the stadium just enjoying the day. An unexpected shortcut through Fort York because of an event there was a bonus. I had very low expectations for the game. I think the Saturday morning President's breakfast had created a personal TFC hangover. That is as far as I go here, look for a following post to see what I think of breakfast with President Tim L.

So into the stadium we march, banishing those memories of the soggy bottom boys of last week. The crowd seemed thin at anthem time. Perhaps the long line up at the TFC clothing shops had something to do with that (75% off!).

Starting 11

Bloom     Boss     Henry     Morgan
Rey         Russell   Hall      Convey
       Dike   Wiedeman

I had some worries about the pair of Boss and Henry in the back. Caldwell misses the game from that red card. Bloom for Eckersley is a continuing trend.
Jim Brennan as coach (because of suspensions to Nelsen and O'Leary)

TFC started with their usual rust. Individual efforts look good, but the linkage, the cohesion and playing as a team just is not there. Good thing DC is no better.

Until DC takes the lead from a curling shot from distance. Jeffreys the scorer at 15 minutes. This woke up TFC and Darel Russell scored an exciting goal on a turnaround at 25 minutes.
So they are tied at the half. I did not see either team as having the offensive skill to the draw in the second half. I have learned to fear the TFC defensive lapse, but the offensive burst surprised me. TFC playing with spark and dazzle?
Wiedeman was instrumental in the go ahead goal despite being tackled and grabbed with a version of a wrestling hold. The ref saw the foul but played advantage as Bloom had taken the ball and crossed it so that Dike could bury it.
Rey then added his two goals. Rey had a touch of luck with his first one as it caroomed off a defender. Rey showed some moves and sense of calm with his second one, a couple shifts left to elude and then a shot in the far corner.
So a delightful day down by the lake. A rare treat in this plodding, heart wrenching season. Is this the turning of the corner so wished for or just taking advantage of the team that lies beneath us in the standings?
Stay tuned for my breakfast report.

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