Thursday, September 12, 2013

Still only happy when it rains TFC 1 Fire 1


Toronto FC struggled against a Chicago Fire team that looked less than fiery. TFC have now drawn at home 8 times in 2013.  If somehow TFC had found a ten a season goal scorer who only scored at home, 2013 could have been a playoff team. Put that on the Christmas list. What a ten goals a season player or a playoff team? Try both.


David Miller and a cast of thousands have decided to stay away from the remaining games (more on this later).

The rain stayed away and the thunderstorm waited until after the game.

Rey looks a better winger than Lambe.

The back four looked strong and cohesive.

Earnshaw's goal.

Late sub on of Dike was interesting.

Salute to Armed Forces (though it could have been toned down and that anthem fellow needs to go)


Bendik's goof on the only goal against.

Earnshaw's injury.

Ecks and Morgan's inability to make offensive inroads.

Braun's lack of finish and general lack.

Nelsen's hesitation when it's time for subs.

Half-time or all the time Rachel - the next lyric contest had our attention, but having adults kick little balls into little nets was a touch demeaning.

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