Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soggy Bottom Boys nickname for wet fans, too bad the team just got soggy TFC 1 KC 2

Either the designated player search squad or the designated players themselves???

Ahhhh, dry socks. When it is time to kick back and write my blog post, I am usually relaxing with a beverage. A cocktail perhaps, or a fine local brew. Today I am casting all liquids aside and savouring the pleasure which is a pair of dry, thick socks securely placed upon one's feet.
Could dry socks be the best moment of the day? Am I going to place the hard work and growing cohesion of the mighty, mighty TFC in second place in the days rankings of fine things? Hold off on that ranking sentence and let's go back to the contest.

It was an adventure to be amongst the few fans who were scattered here and there at BMO today. I like the feeling of dedication, that you are truly one of the gallantly crazy who braved the wet elements to soak it all in. No bandwagons in our driveways should be the slogan of all Soggy Bottom Boys. Everyone in attendance today is made a Soggy Bottom Boy regardless of gender. TFC fans singing "Fans of Constant Sorrow" seems as right as rain.

Before I banter about the game and the players, an editorial comment to preface the analysis. The ref today was criminal. Particularly in the second half when KC was given the green light to foul Bobby Convey whenever they felt the need. Then the ref showed red to Caldwell. My angle was bad. You knew what was developing, yet from 220 we could not see Caldwell's feet nor the ball. So it is not on the merit's of the actual foul that I call it a crap call, rather it is the context of a host of no calls in favour of KC and the KC tendency to go down upon the full impact of a raindrop.
Which inspires my full marks for Coach Nelsen on his being tossed from the game. Too bad it was in front of the sparsest crowd in memory, but it sent the right signal to fans and players alike. Best move of the year.

TFC did an excellent job of highlighting both their strengths and weaknesses today. Keeping and defending were mostly solid (except for the lightning strikes that were KC's goals), the midfield was a surprise considering the loss of both Osorio and Laba. TFC has nothing dependable or creative or startling up front. Bright Dike showed some energy, but tired in the second half. Fellow forwards Braun and Wiedeman fared no better, no worse than other games. When your scoring is soggy, there is little compensation from other aspects of your game.
So in the end, dry socks win as the peak of the day. Darel Russell's goal might have competed for a while, but dry socks compensate for an afternoon of soggy bottoms. Fingers are crossed that a healthy Danny K can bounce back from injury and both play and score at BMO before 2013 fades from view.

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