Sunday, July 5, 2015

TFC 3 Montreal 1 or Tim L.'s dream come true

Banish thoughts of last Saturday (where TFC were mauled by NYCFC), TFC looked strong last night.

Bradley scores in the first half and that has always been a recipe for success. Bradley can start setting up others once he has established his goal scoring potential to 10.
Sure the TFC goal came after falling behind to Montreal. I give credit to the ref who established himself well and closed the door firmly on the NYCFC cheap shot strategy of days ago.
Second half was Tim L.'s TFC dream of both Altidore and Giovinco scoring to put the game away.

I am inclined to argue many a matter with Tim Leiweke. I am also inclined to put debating aside. On a night like this I walk away from the stadium thinking - if this is what he is selling, I'm buying.

May this victory establish a pattern that resumes after the Gold Cup. It is easy to imagine that this TFC will grab a top playoff spot. Now, can we play Montreal every week?
One anthem nights = sweeter victory

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