Saturday, August 15, 2015

A session of suffering NYRB 3 TFC 0

Suffer, suffer, suffer. What a horrible display.

Last week in my report on the home loss to SKC I called the upcoming game against Red Bulls the next session of suffering.

I was right.

I would have some blunt questions for Coach Vanney right now.

Would playing Jozy Altidore for 90 minutes be an example of faith above observational evidence?

Why does Michael Bradley pass away the ball with alarming regularity? (I am afraid to see a calculation of his passing accuracy for this game).

Why is this team such a mess this late into the season?

What are the consequence for this team, this leadership group (Tim L. and Tim B.), this coaching staff, this franchise if they let a playoff spot slip through their fingers ONCE AGAIN...

I should mention that Warner played a better game than last time, Herculez Gomez provided some spark as a late sub and Josh Williams played a positive role in his first game for TFC.


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