Saturday, August 8, 2015

What gives? TFC 1 SKC 3

That was a mess. A mess of a Saturday afternoon, fighting the snarled traffic to witness an off day for TFC. Serves us right , perhaps, for thinking that all would be smooth sailing after the conquering of Orlando City. Today's defeat should also be a reminder for those who look upon the home game heavy schedule from here on in as a magic wand of victories. TFC will have to earn their way and based on today... that's not a magic wand, it's a straggly stick.
I am sure that I am not the only one puzzled with TFC tonight. Instead of building on the midweek victory, adding Bradley and Altidore seemed to tear things down. Where did Giovinco go today? The man was on fire just the other night. Is it Bradley who turns Gio soggy? Is it playing alongside Jozy Altidore that brings the moisture that thwarts the Atomic Ant?
I understand that Sporting Kansas City is a stronger team than expansion Orlando, but I am also tempted to make an argument that Benoit Cheyrou does more directing of the attack and midfield patrolling than Michael Bradley of late (admittedly - Gold Cup and injury play the largest part in a lesser Bradley).
Which brings me to Collen Warner. He did not have his best game in TFC red today. He struggled on the ball and seemed pedestrian and predictable in his passing. I understand that he has not been playing at the back of the midfield diamond of  late and would be rusty with Bradley. Sometimes rust is not enough of an excuse.
What was up with the horrible inability to put the ball into the back of the net displayed today? We are hoping that Herculez Gomez can put an end to all that nonsense.
And to finish with an item from our "kick me while I'm down" department - that was Jacob Peterson scoring the third KC goal...

Next session of suffering - next weekend in New York vs NYRB.

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