Thursday, August 6, 2015

TFC rides into town on explosive Atomic Ant power TFC 4 Orlando 1

the skill, the hunger, the speed and the atomic ant power - Giovinco
The first half of last night's game went as expected. It was 1-1 at the half and both teams looked shaky at the back and tentative in attack. Orlando lacked Kaka in their midfield, TFC playing without Bradley in theirs. Luke Boden was the Orlando player who impressed the most in the early going. He was confident on the ball and scored when he found some space just outside the box. It was also a huge help Orlando that Collen Warner allowed the cross to go untouched to Boden. Cyle Larin was looking strong in the early going, but I think that as Orlando's midfield faded, Larin was not getting the service that he needed.
 Giovinco scored for TFC, luring Collin to lunge big time while the Atomic Ant touched the ball away. It was said best after the game by Orlando coach Adrian Heath (quoted in the report by Simon Veness in the report on
 “It was a ridiculous decision [to challenge Giovinco],” the head coach fumed. “He was out on the byline. He can't score from there. Why [make the] tackle?”
I am willing to give a nod to karma, Aurelien Collin  has been getting away with crimes against TFC while in a Kansas City shirt for years...

The second half was an unexpected delight. Birthday cake under the Christmas tree time. Seba had a hat trick. Second half goals from a free kick and a late zip down the left wing. Not only was Giovinco hungry, eager and determined to put himself into scoring positions all half long, but he had company. The progress of Delgado and Osorio, with the silky and spiky support of Benoit Cheyrou, is a sight to behold.
The central pairing of Perquis and Kantari worked well, but with a dominant midfield in front of them they were rarely pressured. Jackson at right back was fine, I think TFC have found the spot that he can contribute at. It also helps to have Morrow playing on the left, he has struggled going forward from the right.
Karma continued to be in TFC's favour all night - Warner scoring off of Osorio's twist and cross from the corner kick was an example. Warner had squandered a clear goal earlier in the half. 
Kansas City is in town on Saturday. I am not ready to banish fears of the August collapse that has always dogged TFC, but a victory over Sporting Kansas City would be a huge step. If TFC could be that strong v Orlando without Bradley and Altidore... we meet KC at the right time. See you there and then...

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