Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TFC v Orlando preview from OC Lions Fan tv

I might have tried writing a few game previews for this blog back in the dawn of time (2007). I found that this fan's reaction was always better than this blogging fan's prediction, so I let it slide. I also felt that TFC media people were always better at producing a preview from the inside rather than my guesses from the outside.

But each team has it's own social media sphere and the good guys who do OC Lions Fan tv were kind enough to invite me onto their video blog to talk TFC. It is on youtube and you can go to it here.

They have invited me to participate again as Orlando plays TFC twice this month. They know their team and were great to talk to....

Also since I am linking and praising... I do refer in the show to TFC's history of floundering through the summer. A better job of explaining what August onwards has meant throughout the years was done by Sven87 over at Waking The Red.  A sobering read...

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