Thursday, September 9, 2010

0-0 in Chicago - TFC sinking without a struggle

TFC have yet to score in September. Their last three games have been scoreless. The same old story was on display in Chicago last evening. No attack down the wings, no danger posed by the strikers, no subs from the bench that bring a spark. Maicon Santos coming back from injury was better than the supposed healthy, but that is not saying much.
Late in the game, Deguzman takes advantage of a giveaway and darts down the right wing. He has two targets in the box and he manages to cross the ball two metres behind them.
Toronto had the ball for a lot of the second half, but then again that might have been the Chicago defending tactic. Let them have it since they do so little with it.
TFC are now 4 points out of the playoffs with 7 games to play.  Saturday's game at home vs DC United will have to be an onslaught before I am willing to give them credit for turning their fortunes around.

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Ian Isackson said...

All DeGu had to do in that position was drive into the box but wanted nothing to do with attacking and ended up making another terrible pass, one of several on the night including the giveaway which caused Cann to take a yellow card for a barge.