Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TFC 1 Salty Lake 1 Feeble effort witnessed by the hardy few

One brief flash of inspiration does not make for an entertaining evening. In the first half keeper Conway caught RSL off guard as he threw the ball  deep into Jacob Peterson's path and Peterson turned his defender and buried his shot. Even as we cheered the goal, we knew that the night required an avalanche of goals. They did not arrive. Other than the first half at home against Cruz Azul more than a month ago, TFC never puts it together. They never look like a team, working together and contributing to a common strategy.
So this is the club that Mo designed. This is the club we will watch stumble through October. Unable to win at home in September, they are out of the CONCACAF Champion League now. It was painful to watch. More tomorrow, if I can take the misery.

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