Saturday, September 18, 2010

DeRo keeps the TFC playoff fire burning - Dynamo 1 Toronto 2

One of unemployed coach Preki’s favourite Canadians, Dwayne DeRosario was responsible for a TFC comeback tonight in Houston. DeRo scored twice in the second half to lead Toronto FC to victory over his former club the Dynamo. Both goals came off of free kicks, with the game winning goal coming well into injury time. Victory at the last gasp.
Toronto had been awful in the first half and they were lucky to be only one down. Chad Barrett was candid at the half time tv interview, saying that this team did not come to play. Full marks to Chad for letting loose and actually saying what he thought.
There was only a subtle change by Coach Nick Dasovich at the half, Martin Saric came in for Joseph Nane. It worked out well, Saric played a strong second half.
 It was a strange night for a fan. There were moments when I was calculating how to give my remaining tickets away for the home games still to come. DeRo made sure that at the end of the night, we were all scrambling back onto the bandwagon. The goals get the glory, but Stefan Frei deserves praise for keeping Toronto in the game. 
 Toronto FC will not let us off the hook when it comes to making the playoffs. This game against Houston was never going to confirm or eliminate, although TFC can’t handle too many losses or ties. The road win puts a smile on everyone’s face and rekindles hope. Toronto now has five remaining games, two at home (San Jose and Columbus) and three on the road (Seattle, Chivas and DC United). Four wins and a loss just might be enough, but it is not a lock. The only way to ensure playoffs is to win all five.

 Random thoughts.

-Didn’t that ref look like John Cusack’s brother?

- Craig Forrest has joined the club. The “what the hell, bench Deguzman” club. Playoffs or not, his time in Toronto is drawing to a close.

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