Saturday, September 11, 2010

DC wins on both effort and talent

I have struggled for hours now on how best to start my report on today’s TFC vs DC United game. I pride myself on not rushing to judgment, I try to present the opinions of a fan, but I also try to stay aware that I am just a fan, not an expert. I know just as much as the next guy when it comes to what playing or coaching talent might be available at any time. So I try to avoid things like the “fire Mo” bandwagon or the sad Toronto tradition of picking on a random player at a lesser level of talent and acting like he is the sole reason for poor performance.

Still, Toronto losing at home to the weakest team in the MLS and dragging to four the streak of games without a goal scored has taken me to the limit. A fan has to have admiration and faith when going out to cheer and care. Today that vanished.
There is a limit to support and belief. I don’t blame the players, they can only contribute with the talents that they have. I blame those who selected them, placed them on the field and tried to sell the result to me as a team worthy of my time, money and support.

This team has a solid keeper, a defending unit that holds up well, a midfield that has no attack other than what DeRo has to offer and forwards that have not produced. But beyond that… goal droughts in season 4?? Give me a break, this team is going nowhere. Why should I go along on the non-journey?

Mo has to go. I think he should be fired today.

Preki has to go. I think he should be fired today.
His post game comments were laughable. He is complaining that 4pm game starts has something to do with his team playing poorly. After Chicago he was worried about a curse. Your team can’t score and at a critical time of the season  its seems to be falling apart rather than coming together.

Julian Deguzman will go. I think he should be benched. I know that he is a defensive midfielder, but his passing is rushed and pathetic. He dishes the ball off constantly as if controlling the tempo of play is somebody else’s job. Do you think after today’s game DC United would be interested in a Deguzman for Julius James trade? No, I didn’t think so.

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