Thursday, September 16, 2010

New coach, same misery RSL 4 TFC 1 (CCL game)

"Although we are no longer in charge, could we still offer bizarre excuses?"
Would you or I have stayed up to watch this one with the old leadership still at the helm?  Doubt it.
Toronto FC traveled to play Real Salt Lake in a Champion’s League game Wednesday night. TFC has rarely had success in Utah. I recall Collin Samuel scoring a goal there back in year 1. Nothing else springs to mind.
So the only hope was one of those magical mystery games where a new coach inspires the troops. No such luck.
TFC grabbed an early lead but RSL soon equalized. Then Salt Lake scored a second goal before half-time, a goal that the tv crew figured was offside. Then the second half was a disaster and a drubbing. Mista was a substitute who played 6 minutes before being sent off for a hard to see foul on Kyle Beckerman. Salt Lake scored on a penalty kick when Garcia fouled Will Johnson in the box. Then they put on a late sub, a guy named Paolo Jr who they just picked up from Miami a day ago and he scored too. Toronto fans dream of having a player who scores in his first ten minutes of play. Heck, they would settle for somebody scoring in his first ten hours of play.
So we have banished the wicked pair who were the masterminds of this mess. Now we notice that the ship is leaking and the sailors are still going around in circles.


Anonymous said...


What else can be said about this club? Why did they tease us with the first goal. OB Dub an integral piece of the offense? Too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

Gerba DID score on his debut...

...just never again.

stillkicking said...

Ali Gerba against the Crew in Columbus, how could I forget!