Friday, October 22, 2010

It was breath-taking to read the letter to season seat holders from TFC this afternoon. Wow. Unexpected speed. Unexpected news. They listened to a lot of things that were written and said. Forgive me for hurting my elbow while I pat myself on the back here, but I truly feel that they listened to ME!
I think that they understand that praising the passion of the fans came across as patronizing. It made the conversation seem more based on "us and them" than ever before in TFC history.
Sure the content of the letter was fantastic, the price freeze, a gesture of thanks by making the opener next season a freebie, the willingness to continue the town halls in 2011 all have me smiling. But more importantly, the tone was improved. The phrasing of the second paragraph grabbed me.

The Town Hall sessions were passionate, vocal and candid. The meetings were crucial to helping us understand your concerns. Toronto FC fans are unique - you love your club, you feel a part of the club, but your club has let you down on and off-the-pitch. We've now digested your feedback with the goal of identifying actionable items.

I have no evidence, just a feeling, yet I think that these words were a direct answer to my question last night "What makes this a club"? The something magical about loving this club just might be more widespread than I would have thought in that moment when Julius James scored in September. (I am reading that one over wondering if it even qualifies as a sentence. I am rolling with the words today, coherence can mosey along later).

I chided MLSE in this blog in reaction to the apology letter for many things. The apology letter was not signed I said, this one was clearly signed by all four leaders involved in the town hall meetings.

I chided MLSE in this blog in reaction to the apology letter for declaring a new era. I said it was up to others to decide that. Today's letter sure feels like a new dawn (and a new era of dialogue sure seems possible)
So, I take it back, they are not knuckleheads after all. We all have knucklehead phases in life, they get credit for getting out of theirs quickly. Tom Anselmi should not be fired. He and I can be members of the same club, passionate fans of Toronto FC.

Well I will have to postpone my second part of my town hall report until after weekend. If a timely report on the DC United game appears here it will be due to the efforts of my great friend Trout.  I have a weekend away to visit my daughter who is attending Bishop's and my pvr will be holding the TFC at DC game until my return.


Possum said...

The skeptic in me is hearing "let them eat cake" so I'm reserving my enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Start in the right direction, but the price freeze should have been for this season since TFC did so poorly there was no reason for an increase in the first place.I will be reserving my enthusiasm since there is still much work to be done to fix this club.