Sunday, October 10, 2010

Los Angeles Saturday Night- Chivas USA 3- Toronto FC 0

I was thinking of saluting that great song of the 90's by Bran Van 3000- "Drinking in LA". I was going to go with  Sinking in LA, but TFC hit bottom weeks ago.
Los Angeles is a city that is a source of endless fascination for me. I have family there and I have spent more time there than any other corner of America. LA has an incredible span between glamour and grime, sometimes you are in the land of Cary Grant and sometimes you are expecting Tom Waits to come around the corner. Then you mix in the bland, but beautiful suburban sprawl and the bursts of unexpected natural beauty of sea and shore and you are forever entranced.
Last night watching the MLS game in LA I was wishing I was there. Although there was nothing on the field that was enticing, it was the California state of mind that was pulling on my imagination.

Toronto showed more fight and energy than the final score would indicate. It was 1-0 for Chivas until the final minutes of the game. Then the breakdowns came and Chivas put the game away. It is important to point out that TFC was down to 10 men at this point. Adrian Cann was off to the dressing room after Alan Gordon had hit him in the head. All substitutions had been made so Toronto had to suffer. Gordon picked up a yellow on the play, but what a cynical bargain. The ref was offering a yellow for the chance to score two? When has Toronto ever been given that option?
The full points for energy does not obscure the terrible talent and tactics of the Reds. Chivas USA is not much of a team, but Toronto makes them look good. I think DeRo picked up a late yellow and may be suspended for the Columbus game next weekend.
So what can we fans cheer for in the remaining two games? When you calculate how many players will be potentially gone from the team next year, could the games be replaced by resume update sessions for the players?
There will be a day when Toronto sends a better representative team of what Ontario has to offer to the California that I love. This season is over and it is only the ritual of attending games to ward off the winter that remains.


Trout said...

My 6 year old and I were actively cheering for fights after Adrian Cann had to leave the game. It's funny, referees talk about man management all the time, and the fact that poor decision making will cause a loss of control. Yet, in the MLS we see it time and again where a referee's decision (or lack thereof)will cause more fouls and cards down the road. Terry Vaughn's lack of action with Gordon's foul on Cann directly lead to Dero's yellow and contributed significantly to a lopsided scoreline.

No excuses for Dero or the rest of the team, they still weren't good enough, no matter the referee.

I was glad to watch it on the pvr and not live. Sleep was much more exciting.

joe said...

I, too, an a California dreamer living in T.O. and a Reds seaosn ticket holder since day 1. I will probably sign-up again because I don't believe in running away from the team I support no matter how ridiculous MLSE is. After the Chivas game, I couldn't help but wonder whether someone - anyone - else besides MLSE could buy this team and save it because it won't be saved by the Leafs.

stillkicking said...

Now, now Trout - I understand the revenge reflex, but in front of the kids?

Thanks for the comment Joe. I will renew my tickets - a good friend in town spent years as a Man City season ticket holder- the ups and downs, the suffering and the joy- it is all part of the journey. Hatred of MLSE is understandable - ticket prices ever upward is insulting- but I am caught- forever.

sulfur said...


Gordon was fined and suspended after the fact. Two game suspension, and a $500+ fine.

Doesn't help in the context of the game mind, but just as an FYI.