Saturday, October 2, 2010

Toronto loses in Seattle 3-2

How much bad news do you want on a cloudy, gloomy day ? Toronto FC lose on the road, again.
Nana Attakora leaves the game hurt.
TFC so close to being mathematically eliminated, you can feel it.
DeRo scored early, Chad scored late.
The end of the season looms. 3 games left.

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Anonymous said...

Attakora not in the middle was clearly a mistake, Ty Harden made some bad-bad calls which Cann had to constantly correct for him which left Canns man unmarked. There presence of some of the best wingers in the MLS, and our presence of... well no wingers, was clear. Chad Barrett showed some great hustle out there, and Nicholas Lindsay had a good role in Barretts goal. Other then that, terrible game.

- JUNIOR220.