Friday, October 29, 2010

Klinsmann - the consultant chosen to steer TFC out of shallow waters??

Superstar German coach and player Jurgen Klinsmann may be hired by Toronto FC as a consultant. This according to a report from The Globe and Mail . The report was written by Stephen Brunt and I am incapable of imagining that Mr. Brunt could ever be wrong.
He writes...

Though Klinsmann will not take on the role of general manager or coach himself, he will be asked to make a recommendation as to Johnston’s replacement.
But it is more than a simple head hunting assignment. Klinsmann and his company will look at the club’s infrastructure, at its academy and scouting system, will suggest a playing style, and then find someone to accomplish the goals they set out.

Klinsmann, who lives in California, brings impeccable credentials to the task.

Never before has "impeccable credentials" been this much of an understatement. When I checked the TFC site moments ago it was down, so I await full confirmation. Meantime, allow me to return to my drooling.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't they also say that reportedly Del Piero was looking to come play for Toronto? when was that... oh yeah 2008ish. Funny i haven't seen Del Piero on the field lately, and i doubt i'll see Klinsmann in the front office.