Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too little too late, MLSE tries to patch up their 2011 ticket hike disaster with a feeble letter.

I am sorry.

For the way that MLSE knuckleheads think that they can declare “new eras”. I am sorry that an insulting email from MLSE has ruined my evening. Can I have my quiet night and the 2010 soccer season back?

Don’t suck up by telling me what a great fan I am. My Dad could take credit for teaching me how to be a fan, you have simply profited from it again and again. What a bad time to base your apology letter on feeble praise for your fan base.

What a crappy try on the apology. You say fans are angry and then drop two Champions League games? Not even close. We are angry about your jacking up the price of all tickets, so dropping two overpriced tickets does nothing for the endless prospect of price increases for bad football.

Ongoing two way dialogue? You rockheads did not listen last October when TFC stumbled so badly in New York.  It seems that you have decided to talk to the season ticket buyers when all other strategies went belly up.

The most insulting thing about the TFC to the fans letter was the fact that at the close nobody had the guts to sign it. Tom Anselmi should resign. Why talk about the future with those responsible for the past.

Toronto FC fan //  Fall for One


Anonymous said...

I love this story. It is bang on. ONly a true Moron would buy that crap apology from MLSE. I wish they would sell to an owner who cares. I wont renew my seats

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely right, they fired Curly and Mo , but forgot to fire Larry ( AKA. Tom Anselmi ).We may be in for more of the same next year if they don't get rid of the third stodge!!!!