Saturday, April 5, 2008

DC United 4 TFC 1 quick report

Just some quick notes - expect something more detailed tomorrow.

Lauren Robert looked pretty good for an out of shape player who has been gathering dust on various benches in the last couple of seasons. His corner kicks and free kicks were promising, he seemed to be playing left central rather than out on the wing and his exchange with Dichio that lead to the break and the shot on net has to be a taste of things to come.
I understand that DC has greater fire power than Columbus, but the defense of TFC was being shredded tonight. DC United was getting into scoring areas like hot knives through butter.
What was Kevin Harmse thinking ? Thursday night in the New England vs Chicago game a NE player was red carded at the 7 minute mark. There was a red card foul on Ruiz in the Colorado - LA game. It has not been a secret that refs are quick to bring out the card when they suspect that there has been an injury or intimidation attempt.
Toronto was a long shot for a tie on the road. Harmse may have played (or fouled) his way onto the bench for a while.

TFC scored a goal tonight. The game was almost sealed and they had switched into the play the young Canadians mode (Lombardo, Hemmings and Rosenlund were all on the pitch). Then out of a long ball from Brennan, Edu was able to loop a header to the far post and catch the keeper asleep. It was both a relief and a good omen. Last year it took five games, this year two to get the first goal.

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