Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh cruel rumours, I abhor you as you tantalize and then destroy Part 2

Oh, I told you that this rumour treadmill never serves TFC well. Soccer by Ives is now reporting that Olivier Tebily is about to be signed and there are denials that Kluivert is under consideration. Now I have read that Mo talks to Ives and therefore the TFC news on SBI (Soccer by Ives) is reliable. However, there is a conflict because Mo called me ! He told me the start time on Saturday and told me to get up early and be ready to sing. I asked him about Kluivert and Tebily and not only did he not answer, his voice was replaced by a female's telling me that I was part of a group that I could choose to leave if I touched number 1. Whoa, whoa Mo ! Have you heard me sing !! Thanks for the invite. This special group must be season ticket holders. I expect that one day I will be joining another special group, season ticket holders who were once asked to sing by Mo but now get calls to pipe down a little.
See you on Saturday

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stillkicking said...

Forgot to mention that I think signing any central defender is a good move considering how Velez has started off his season. There are some who say that Tebily was less than stellar in the EPL, but help is clearly needed.