Friday, April 11, 2008

Rohan Ricketts enters, Collin Samuel exits....

The TFC line-up continues to evolve. Rohan Ricketts has been released by Barnsley in England and has signed with Toronto.
This meant that Collin Samuel was released from the roster. Ricketts has been on trial for a couple of weeks and his signing had been rumoured.

I have mixed emotions when saying farewell to Collin Samuel. As a TFC fan you wanted him to do well. You wanted him to put together his strength and speed into a smooth performance and get some results. He did score a couple of goals at the end of last season. That was a good as it got. He was brought over as a back-up who could play striker or midfield. The injuries of 07 made him a starter and the great goal drought still haunts him. The Columbus penalty miss was his last chance in many ways. Time to move on.

There is no denying that MLS has raised the bar on talent on most teams this year. Samuel was a bit player on the worst team. TFC knows that there has to be a great leap forward to compete in the East. Robert, Guevara and now Ricketts have been added in a short period. Los Angeles on Sunday has the attention of TFC Nation.

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