Saturday, April 5, 2008

TFC at DC United road trip wishes

After watching TFC in Columbus last Saturday, my expectations for tonight are on the small side. Looking a little more coherent while defending, particularly in the centre of the field would be nice. Creative attack from the wings and Edu taking control of the ball and directing the tempo of the game would be nicer. Scoring a goal would be a relief. If Lauren Robert looks only half-decent I will be thrilled. Let's face it, we TFC fans are hoping to catch DC in an early season fog, but a tie on the road is the honest target for tonight.
I dare not call this a preview. I have not seen DC United play this year and I know that they made quite a few changes in the off season.

My hopes/dreams/delusions for a TFC line up tonight.


Wynne Brennan Marshall Dunivant

??? Edu Robinson Robert

Dichio Cunningham

Edwards is my pick as keeper because I think that the fans want to see what John Carver saw in training and pre-season. We are not sure after Columbus, but I was impressed with the confidence and ball-handling of Edwards . Getting a rookie some starts while the team is still gelling is not a bad idea.
The back four would get Jim Brennan back in a central role. Velez did not play badly in Columbus, but he did seem as if he had never met Marshall until game time. Brennan and Marshall do work well together. Maybe that is because Marshall has less to do with the ball when Brennan is there. I think the idea of Brennan out in the left back slot is if you are working towards a central unit of Julius James with either Velez or Phelan.
I put Edu and Robinson central and Robert on the left. I am stumped on the right side, Samuel maybe. I think TFC should be more patient with Tyler Hemmings. I don't think that out on the wing is his spot in the midfield. I think that he should be working towards being Edu's replacement come the Olympics. After all that was his role with U23 Canada and he looked strong. I think that there are changes to come in the midfield ( Guevera ?? Ricketts ?? ) so the lack of right side attack is short term.
Dichio and Cunningham go up front. I think that Dichio's role on the team is going to change. When you develop a team with depth , you have the luxury of playing to your strengths. After wearing DIchio out last year, it would be wise to have flexibility and not start him every time. I am already looking forward to a rested, healty Dichio playing in Montreal against Adam Braz in May. My willingness to trade Jeff Cunningham has been around since last fall, but it is always easier to move a player for something of value in return in they are starting rather than sitting on the bench.

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