Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh cruel rumours, I abhor you as you tantalize and then destroy

Should TFC sign Patrick Kluivert ?? Well, his talent in his prime was world class and even an echo of those glory days could be a worthwhile gamble. He does not have a reputation as a solid citizen, a party boy seems to be the knock. We fans are so easily seduced however. We have been frustrated with Jeff Cunningham's lack of finish for months and months,  yet he comes on as a substitute and puts one away to beat LA on the road and we go bananas. Danny Dichio scores 6 timely goals and he is the heart of the team. Kluivert could be a roaring success, and be out drinking every night, if he scores a dozen goals for TFC and gets us into the playoffs...
Last fall I got caught up in online rumours that Del Piero was going to leave Juve and Italy. I promised myself that this blog was not going to go down the speculation road. I am a fan, a season ticket holder and a student of the game.  If you want wild rumours there are other places to go. So I am struggling with sharing my thoughts on Kluivert. We shall see what we shall see.
So many question marks gathering onto one team seems a risky strategy. Guevara and Robert and then possibly adding Kluivert.....does this add up to volatile ? Although most of us accept Reds as the unofficial nickname of the team, I am now adding the "soap operas", the "enigmas" or the "once upon a times" for your consideration. If Coach Carver can make something of this motley crew...genius status awaits.

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